Monday, October 21, 2013

be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

(Please excuse, me pretending to read an old copy of the iconic magazine)
Decided it was about time I stopped admiring floral headbands from a distance and actually made the effort to make myself one. This is very much inspired by the headpiece Lana Del Rey wears on the cover of her single Video Games.
Spent a mere $2.99 to turn this:
into this:
Far more affordable and super easy to make. Check out my DIY video to learn how.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

less is more

 Petrisa Low Back Choker dress DIY x D&G shades x Zara mustard heels 
Nothing excites me more than waking up on a spring day to such good weather and at the same time realising that summer is just around the corner !
To celebrate this amazing feeling, decided to make and share with you guys an extremely easy and quick dress that I will be hitting the beach with this summer.
Great thing is, if you use a less transparent fabric or line the fabric, this can be worn as a day or night dress as well. Why buy when you can make it yourself ?

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Petrisa Asymmetrical skirt DIY x Tokito jacket x D&G shades x Marc by Marc Jacobs watch x Unknown black top x Charles and Keith handbag

Asymmetrical mini skirts are appearing all over blogs and magazines, but who would have thought they would be so easy to make ? Check out my DIY tutorial below.
When I started the youtube channel, it really wasn't my intention to only be uploading videos once a year. Definitely poor form from my end. However having picked up sewing again - after my sister presented me with the challenge of making her wedding dress, I am pumped and ready to share more ideas. Stay tuned xx

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

singapore sling

After months of being MIA I am finally back. Having been through so many ups and downs since the start of this year, I feel as though I am in a slightly better head space to pick up my game and restart blogging.. and hopefully start working on the goals I had long put on the back burner.

Thought I'd start with a six months later photo diary of my trip to Singapore and Malaysia. One would know life's depressing when their instagram is filled with all old travel #throwback photos, and about the only thing that gets them excited is looking at these and thinking of the possibility of being able to fly again some time soon.. So, Guilty !

Hands down an amazing trip with great experiences, great partying, great food and most importantly great company.