Sunday, December 23, 2012

an amazing american experience

What a crazy month it has been. Let me begin by saying the photos above don't do the place or my trip justice at all. The beauty of the sites and amount of fun I had aren't captured well or if at all.
I took risks, and did things I would have never thought I was capable of. The time was definitely a time to remember.
Vegas lives up to it's party name and did not disappoint. The production, crowd and atmosphere is like nothing I've ever experienced... Sydney should be ashamed of itself
Montreal you have exceeded my expectations. Stepping into Old Montreal and the streets of Quebec City, I really felt as though i had stepped into Europe. The fact that everyone spoke to me in French made it even more believable. I miss having croissants every morning, saying bonjour/merci and having trouble reading your street names.
NYC, I feel in love the first time I saw you and that has never changed. Visiting you this time just made me love you even more...

America you have treated me well.