Thursday, December 22, 2011

seoul photo diary

One of the christmas displays at a popular mall in Seoul. Was literally walking under a sequin canopy outdoors. It was amazing when they had the coloured lights turned on in the evening

Very cute and intricately designed cakes
Freedom in Sydney !
These look a lot nicer than they tasted. Needless to say I was quite disappointed
Hear Hear. A lovely messages left on the walls of a shopping mall in Insadong.
One of the side streets of Insadong. I love this traditional feel
The was the cutest thing ever. A favourite couple hotspot where messages are written on a lock and secured amongst many others to the railings under the Seoul tower.

Surprisingly the best fries I've ever tasted is in Seoul
Mini fishermen in a store display
The day we decided to visit the palaces and sight see we were treated with a gloomy day. However this didn't stop us from enjoying the amazing attractions of Seoul.

I had to try one of my favourite Korean dishes in Korea.. the seafood pancake. Quite satisfying !
The grounds of the Changdeokgung Palace. A place where the royal family use to live which is now a World Heritage Site.


  1. This all looks so amazing. I've been dying to try macaroons because people seem obsessed with them, but yeah, I hear they're overrated. Those fries and that seafood pancake look delish though.


  2. "Always Keep The Faith" aw... cassies say those a lot. I'd love to go to Seoul one day! The photographs you took makes me want to go even more.