Sunday, January 29, 2012

rainbow fish

Dress: Petrisa
Clutch: Petrisa
Necklace: Jardines Bazaar
Sunnies: Tom Ford

This is Petrisa's Rainbow Fish Sequin Clutch debut !
I have been utterly obsessed with sequins lately and decided I'd make better use of my time and sew some clutches.
Surprisingly they turned out better than I had expected. So I'm sharing these beauties with you guys as well :)
Check them out on my Etsy store
I'm just starting out so please bear with me  xx


  1. I adore the colour contrast! follow me @

  2. You should think about being a stylist on the side... I love how this looks! Usually bags and clutches are just little accessories, but this clutch seems like one of the key pieces to the outfit. I'm really liking sequins too lately, and I love how they're arranged into such a pretty pattern here. I'm excited to see what else you'll have in your Etsy shop!

  3. Petrisa! Sorry for my slow reply... Your clutch is amazing, you definitely should get into making more stuff :) if you do get into leather clutches some day let me know, I'd love to get one. (my wardrobe isn't fab enough for your sequin one, and it would be a shame not to use it often enough)

    I read your comment and I wondered what shopping spree you were talking about... haha. Was it Melbourne? I'm really restricting myself to what I really really want or need, otherwise I'd be breaking my bank. I should be spending on a new camera lens instead!!

    Read your previous post too... I guess there are always moments like that for everyone, once you get into something you're really interested in or find a new passion I believe that feeling will pass! So I hope that maybe you'll find joy in sewing again - or something else! What do you study? I got a good friend who studied fashion and is trying to get some work done soon, maybe I should introduce you two? :)

    We still haven't met up! Have you started uni again? I'll be back at college next week ugh... we should catch up for some op shopping or brunch some time! And the Surf Open starts in Manly this coming weekend if you're keen to come out! (I don't know anything about surfing but I'm so excited still)